1. Application range

Used in measurement, information security, EMC testing and other areas, can be disassembled and expanded.


2. Shielding effectiveness

Shielding performance(dB)
  Model Magnetic field Plane wave Microwave
14KHz 100KHz 200KHz 50~1000MHz 1~10GHz 10~18GHz
  RP-Z   55   70   75    100   100   90
  RP-ZA   75   85   95    105   100   100


3. Structure feature

(1). Shielding plate is 2mm galvanised steel after 500t hydraulic press molding, surface electrostatic spray. The assembly and disassembly process, which is convenient for the relocation and expansion.  

(2). Between the shield plate, the dislocation mounting process is used to ensure that the structure strength of the shield plate is strengthened, and the stability of the shielding effectiveness is improved. The shield plate body adopts the self supporting bolt fixed module structure, which is not connected with the parent building except for ground insulation.

(3). The shielding plate is connected with the soft electromagnetic compatibility special liner, which is composed of a high efficient alloy between the shield plate body, and each 75mm is connected with the flange bolt of M10 high strength.

(4). Shielding door can choose manual valves, pneumatic door, electric door, sliding door, air bag door, double door. The types can be choose Korean door, European style door, domestic door. At the same time can be customized large doors, shaped doors.  

(5). Ventilation window with honeycomb ring waveguide window, specifications: 300X300mm. Ventilation window can be configured to two-way for fans, central air conditioning, air purification equipment.

(6). Power filter for high performance low leakage power filter.

(7). According to customer requirements, configuration of telephone, air conditioning, fire, optical fiber and five kinds of line and other shielded interface system。

(8). In accordance with the standard room decoration processing room decoration.