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Sunyield Resolved key Technical issues of 5G testing and successfully ran through the Entire testing procedure

In June 2019, Shenzhen Sunyield Technologies Co. Ltd has tackled the technological barriers in 5G testing and successfully run through the entire OTA testing procedure of 5G Sub 6G, and completed the system integration test with Anritsu MT8000A and Keysight E7515B.

Sunyield Accomplished NB-IOT Power and Sensitivity Test

On July 25, 2017, Sunyield Technologies accomplished NB-IoT terminal system test and completed the TRP and TIS test of NB-IoT in the OTA chamber. The 360 degree omnidirectional radiation and receiving performance parameters obtained from the test provide important reference data for the launching of NB-IoT products to market.

Sunyield Technologies Launched the World’s First ZigBee Overall Test Plan

In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies has launched the world’s first ZigBee overall test plan, which can be applied to SPR-650 production line OTA rapid test system, SY series spherical near field measurement systems, and radio test to test such parameters as packet loss rate, input power, throughput, total radiated power

SY-16M Antenna Measurement System toward Perfection

SY-16MAntenna Measurement System SY-16M small-size mobile antenna measurement system with shielding chamber features flexible, cost effective, and space-saving. It supports frequency bands between 650 MHz – 6 GHz and 6 GHz – 18 GHz with two versions suitable for small-size (diameter within 45cm) antenna measurement, and is widely used by

The World’s Largest Spherical Near-field Antenna Measurement System —— SY-180

Spherical Near Field Test The rapid development of antenna and related technology has made higher demands on antenna measurement technology in terms of precision, efficiency and test function. Antenna characteristic parameters are measured in a variety of ways. At present, they fall into three major categories: far field measurement, compact

5G era is approaching, sunyield technologies released millimter wave measurement system

Millimeter wave usually refers to electromagnetic wave with frequency between 30~300GHz. With the official commercial application of the 5th generation mobile network (5G) is approaching, the new generation of wireless communication technology is going to be unveiled, and the entire world is focusing on the realization model of this technology. In

Sunyield Technologies Released Entire Car Antenna Test Solution to Boost Industry Development

  With the improvement of people’s living standard, car has become an affordable household commodity in China and the automobile industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years. Meanwhile, car-borne communication technology and vehicle networking technology are also experiencing continuous development. Automobile manufacturing industry has generated more and more requirements

SPR-3000 The Quick Measuring System For Base Station Antenn

In June 2016,The first time to detect the radiation performance and the electrical property of the base station antenna at the scene of the first time.

SYH series high frequency antenna measurement system released

Sunyield launched SYH series high frequency antenna measurement system ,support 6GHz to 18GHz measurement band

SY168 large multi probe system

In March 2016, Sunyield launched SY168 large multi probe system, 1° as one test point,  it test and calculate more accurate and convenient.