5G era is approaching, sunyield technologies released millimter wave measurement system

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Millimeter wave usually refers to electromagnetic wave with frequency between 30~300GHz. With the official commercial application of the 5th generation mobile network (5G) is approaching, the new generation of wireless communication technology is going to be unveiled, and the entire world is focusing on the realization model of this technology. In the 5G era, millimeter wave will be widely used, and the research, development and enhancement of millimeter wave technology cannot be fulfilled without an outstanding measurement system. With the release of millimeter wave related testing system, it is believed that the millimeter wave technology will be deployed in amazing speed in the future.

Millimeter wave in 5G

Millimeter wave usually refers to electromagnetic wave with wavelength between 1~10 millimeter (frequency between 30~300GHz ), and under certain circumstances, it also includes frequency beyond 20GHz. Electromagnetic wave with frequency between 300~3000GHz is called submillimeter wave (λ=1mm~100μm). The millimeter wave theory and technology is the extension of microwave toward high frequency range and optical wave toward low frequency.

Among the frequency range of millimeter wave, 28GHz、39GHz and 73GHz are the most probable frequency ranges that might be used for 5G.

The three frequency ranges are prominent for the following reasons:

The three frequency ranges are different from 60GHz, which must withstand 20dB/km oxygen absorption loss, and their oxygen absorption rate is much lower than that (as shown in Fig.). Therefore, they are suitable for long distance communication, and can operate smoothly in a multipath environment and applicable for Non visual distance (NLos) communication. Millimeter wave provides a stable and highly secured link through a high profile antenna with beam shaping and beam tracking.


Recommendations of millimeter wave testing system:

In order to meet the requirement of rapid test of broadband millimeter wave antenna, Sunyield Technologies releases new measurement system for the characteristic of millimeter wave. The system has high measurement precision, which can provide experimental means for millimeter wave antenna design, and provides a powerful means for antenna adjustment, calibration, quality detection and fault location.

SCR-Handy is a small size compact range measurement system developed by Sunyield Technologies for millimeter wave detection field. Offset feed design is adopted to form a cylindrical dead space within a longitudinal separation of 2 ~ 3 meters. It features easy deployment, easy mobility, and fast implementation.


SPR-Scaner is a planar near field scanning system developed by Sunyield Technologies. It has ultra-high precision electrical motion control system and mechanical drive system. Once adapted with probes of different frequency, ultra wideband test can be realized, and can even be expandable up to millimeter wave.