Comba Telecom choose Sunyield Technologies over a French supplier

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In March 2017, Comba Telecom has chosen the testing system and solutions developed by Sunyield Technologies over its former French supplier. After profound accumulation in the field of antenna testing, Sunyield Technologies has won favor and recognition of the world’s leading antenna supplier and system integrator in the field of global communications.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Since its establishment, Sunyield Technologies specializes in research and development of antenna measurement technology with a focus on advanced testing technology. With a modest and prude attitude, Sunyield technologies concentrates on the field of wireless measurement, hoping to bring better and more advantageous measurement system and solution for enterprises in China and around the world.
Over the years, Sunyield Technologies has established deep cooperative relationships with renowned manufacturers in China and around the world, serviced most domestic antenna and terminal manufacturers, and achieved good reputation and high market share. More than just a supplier, Sunyield Technologies has become a part of customer’s team to grow together with them, to meet diverse needs of different customers and be competent for more customized development requirements. In this era of increasingly fierce market competition, we firmly believe that continuous innovation is the only way to technological progress.
A flying eagle spreads its wings spread. Sunyield Technologies values customer evaluation and recognition, and takes customer trust as the driving force of our delivery. We will explore further into new technologies in the future.
In early 2017, Sunyield Technologies once again competed with its long-time rival, a France-based measurement system supplier for the Comba Telecom project. With its advanced technology and excellent customer service, Sunyield Technologies prevails and has signed the contract on antenna measurement system with Comba Telecom in March 2017. The choice of Comba Telecom is a demonstration of customer approval of product quality and R&D capability of Sunyield Technologies’.

About Comba Telecom
Comba Telecom is a supplier of infrastructure and wireless enhancement solutions to mobile operators and enterprises to enhance and extend their wireless communications networks. Established in 1997 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003, Comba researches and develops wireless technology through its R&D centers in China and USA.
Comba’s product portfolio includes wireless enhancement, antennas and subsystems, wireless transmission, wireless broadband and wireless access equipment. Comba’s service range includes consultation, network design, optimization and commissioning. Together, this enables Comba to supply its customers with end-to-end wireless solutions that has been deployed all over the globe including shopping malls, airports, sports stadium, government buildings and telecom operator headquarters.
In addition to its core business of supplying operators and industries with ubiquitous, high capacity wireless networks, Comba is constantly reinventing itself and bring new value-added solutions for the smart city and loT era amongst others.