INNETECH Electronics newly established Shanghai R&D Center adopts antenna measurement systems developed by Sunyield Technologies

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In December 2016, INNETECH Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai R&D Center officially opened, which means that INNETECH Electronics holds stronger R&D capability in Shanghai to better serve clients in and around Shanghai.




INNETECH Electronics Co., Ltd. is a specialized antenna solution provider, and its major products cover built-in antenna, external antenna, PC card antenna, PC antenna, fixed telephone antenna, FM/CMMB antenna, RF/ID antenna and inductive charger etc.

INNETECH Electronics has already set up R&D centers in Xi’an, Shenzhen, Taipei, and California USA to continuously research and develop new technology and product for global market. With new R&D center setup in Shanghai, INNETECH Electronics further enhances its R&D strength and service capabilities.

INNETECH Electronics is an important partner for Sunyield Technologies. Over the years, INNETECH Electronics tends to be very much satisfied with Sunyield’s technology, product and service. INNETECH Electronics also chooses the SY-16 antenna measurement system for the newly established Shanghai R&D Center.

SY16 is a small antenna measurement system developed by Sunyield Technologies, and it works with an anechoic chamber for testing. It supports two frequency ranges, from 650MHz to 6GHz and from 6GHz to 18GHz, and is suitable for small DUT (diameter within 45cm) measurement. SY16 is widely used in mobile phone manufacturing and R&D and product line consistency verification of small antenna, etc.


As SY-16 antenna measurement system adopts multi probes in cyclic symmetric distribution, 3D measurement can be performed on DUT with a 180-degree rotation in horizontal direction under normal circumstances, and the measuring speed is much higher than that of other probe distribution types. SY-16 allows for real-time view of measuring result, and the matching analysis software can provide real-time calculation and display, real-time view of active and passive directivity diagrams, active power, and sensitivity. SY-16 supports active measurement in most standards, such as 2G、3G、4G、WIFI、GPS、BT etc. with frequency range between 650MHz and 6GHz, and also supports passive measurement with the same frequency range. Through upgrade, it can perform passive test of 6GHz-18GHz. It is compatible with common network analyzers and comprehensive measuring and test instruments by Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu and LitePoint etc.

The adoption of SY-16 antenna measurement system will greatly enhance the R&D capabilities and efficiency for the newly established Shanghai R&D Center of INNETECH Electronics.