SY-SPR-SCANNER Radome Transmissivity Measurement system

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Product Overview
The SY-SPR-scanner radar transmissivity measurement system is an integrated radome test solution developed by Sunyield for vehicle antenna testing and radome antenna testing institutes.
Range of Application
SY-SPR-scanner supports transmissivity test, side-lobe test and beam width test, and it also support millimeter wave test once equipped with matching hardware. The radiation performance of the radome can be comprehensively detected by rotating the five-axis turntable


Test Capability
Frequency range: From 5.85GHz~ up to 18GHz(extendible);
Test item: Transmissivity, side-lobe, and beam width etc.
System Configuration
Microwave anechoic chamber: the size is customizable according to system design
Planar scanning frame, equipped with high-precision 3-axis scanner shaft, and the open-ended waveguide probe is customized according to customer requirements
Five-axis turntable, refer to the following table for parameters, and customized service is available.
Turntable parameter (option)

Five-axis turntable Loading capacity Accuracy Resolution
Azimuth axis ≤100kg 0.05° 0.02°
Elevation axis ≤100kg 0.05° 0.02°
Table X axis ≤100kg 0.05mm 0.02mm
Elevation axis 0.03° 0.02°
Azimuth axis 0.03° 0.02°

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