CONGRATULATION to SUNYIELD for winning the bid for a Antenna MEASUREMENT system from Ningbo University

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In November 2018, Sunyield Technologies won a bid issued by College of Information Science and Engineering, Ningbo University for a 650 MHz-6 GHz spherical near-field measurement system.
Thanks to the rich experience in R&D and manufacturing of radiation measurement system accumulated over the years, Sunyield decisively surpassed other candidates to secure this bid. Sunyield Technologies has successfully delivered various measurement systems, products and solutions to a wide range of customers, and is well-received in the wireless measurement industry with proven performance, robust technology, and comprehensive after-sale service.
In December 2018, local government procurement website of Ningbo city announced that Sunyield Technologies has become a supplier of Ningbo University .

About Ningbo University
Ningbo University, located in the Ningbo North Higher Education Park, is a preeminent university jointly supported by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Zhenjiang Province, and the State Oceanic Administration and Ningbo City. It is among the first batch of key universities in Zhejiang Province, and is a newly- emerged local comprehensive university growing up in the process of reform and opening up.
During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, both the computer science and technology specialty and communication engineering specialty in the School of Information Science and Engineering of Ningbo University are the dominant specialties, while the electronic information science and technology specialty is a featured specialty in Zhejiang Province. The computer science and technology specialty has successfully passed the certification of Engineering Education in 2017 and has become the first accredited major in Ningbo University.
As a small antenna measurement system with an anechoic chamber for testing, SY-16 supports frequency band between 650 MHz – 6 GHz, 6 GHz – 18 GHz, and is suitable for small-size (diameter within 45 cm) DUT measurement. It is widely used by mobile phone manufacturers for R&D of small antenna and production line consistency verification. It is the first antenna measurement system launched by Sunyield, and is also the most popular product in Sunyield product family.

SY-16antenna measurement system
Small portable antenna measurement system, covers an area of small, flexible and mobile, decrease the cost of chamber to move. Support 650 MHZ – 6 GHZ, 6 GHZ – 18 GHZ two versions, suitable for small area, about 45 cm (diameter) antenna measurement, is widely used in mobile phone manufacturers, research and development, the production line of small antenna consistency validation, etc., is one of the largest product new profit sales.

Basic parameter:

Probe number: 15+1

Frequency bands: 650MHz-6GHz、6GHz-18GHz(passive test)

Shielding efficiency:>80dB

Max size of DUT: 20cm

Max weight of DUT:  15Kg

Typical dynamic range: 60dB-80dB

External dimensions:1.95 m*1.08 m *2.08 m (SY-16)

Angle between probes ofthe same frequency band:22. 5°