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Since the introduction of the first radar based autonomous cruise control (ACC) system in the Mercedes S-class in 1999, more and more companies and suppliers enter into the R&D of vehicle radar system. At present, there are 24GHz and 77GHz systems in the global market for short range radar (SRR) and long range radar (LRR) respectively or a combination of both.


The millimeter-wave region of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponds to radio band frequencies of 30 GHz to 300 GHz, with the range of wavelengths from 1 millimeter 10 millimeter. It features large bandwidth, high resolution, small size, and high performance, especially not easily affected by weather. Therefore, it is widely used in vehicle collision avoidance system, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, auxiliary parking and lane change and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and will even be applied to unmanned driving in the future.


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With the increase of car ownership year by year, vehicle-borne millimeter-wave radar has attracted more and more attention and has been widely applied with higher requirements for system function and performance. In order to ensure the performance and quality of vehicle radar, both automotive electronics suppliers and car manufacturers need to carry out precision test of vehicle radar, assess technical indicators of vehicle radar to ensure the quality.


SYCR-Handy for Measurement of Vehicle-borne Millimeter-wave

In order to adapt to the needs for rapid test of vehicle millimeter-wave radar, according to such characteristics of millimeter wave radar as wide frequency band and small size, Sunyield Technologies released SYCR-Handy, a small size compact range measurement system for the millimeter wave detection field.

The system has extremely high measurement accuracy and can set up experimental environment for millimeter-wave radar testing and design.


Figure 2: SYCR-Handy Effect Image


SYCR-Handy features such characteristics as small size, easy deployment, flexible mobility and fast launching, and supports flexible and convenient testing and commissioning on the R & D site. It is applicable for all kinds of millimeter-wave radar testing, such as microwave radar, vehicle borne millimeter-wave radar (including 24G and 77G millimeter-wave radar) and its component testing. Once equipped with a Sunyield one-dimensional turntable, it can freely select the section to be tested at the moment.


SYCR-Handy uses a bias feed design and is suitable for both active and passive testing. With the formation of an elliptical quiet zone within a certain longitudinal distance, as long as the size of object under test does not exceed the design size of the quiet zone, both active/passive testing can be performed with network analyzer or spectrum analyzer and the corresponding spread spectrum components.


Meanwhile, Sunyield has set up specialized millimeter-wave radar testing laboratory for experience and us, which provides powerful assistance for the adjustment, detection, calibration and fault location of millimeter-wave radar.


Test capacity and report of SYCR-Handy


Table 1: Test Capacity Parameters

SYCR-Handy works with testing software SCR Handy Sunvey to output test results.

This software is compatible with mainstream network analyzers and spectrum analyzers, can support point frequency, sweep frequency and custom test frequency, display real-time test pattern, and generate pattern vector data export and test report.


Figure 3: Pattern

Configuration and model data of SYCR series compact range measurement system


Figure 4: Real Shot of SYCR-1200


In addition to the Handy test system for field R & D requirements, Sunyield Technologies also has a range of SYCR series reflective products available for testing large size objects.

Sunyield SYCR series system uses an integral curling surface (RMS <20um), which saves space compared to conventional saw-tooth reflectors. Equipped with a multi-dimensional bearing turntable, the test tooling and electric auxiliary shaft can be customized according to user need. In order to use the SYCR series system, a fully shielded non-reflective microwave chamber, adjustable feed fixture and the corresponding band ripple speaker feed are required. At the same time, it comes with a portable base, which is user-friendly for placement and deployment.


Table 2: SYCR-series Model Data

About Sunyield

Shenzhen Sunyield Technologies Co., Ltd, founded in 2011, is the earliest company in China to research on near-field multi-probe antenna measurement technology. Over the years, Sunyield has focused on technology innovation and market development of the antenna measurement field and serviced most antenna manufacturers in China, and is committed to become a leading manufacturer in the international market.

SYCR-Handy is a high quality testing system released by SUNYIELD for testing requirements of millimeter-wave radar with wide frequency band and small size. It not only represents the insistence and pursuit of innovation of Sunyield over the years, but also reflects Sunyield’s original inspiration for product quality and sincere consideration for customer benefit.

In the future, based on the millimeter-wave testing field, Sunyield Technologies will continue to work hard to create more high-quality and efficient measurement products for customers.