Sunvey NearToFar Measurement


Near-field measurement techniques mainly refers to the spectrum near-field measurement techniques, which studies the spectrum structure of the measured signal and performs spectrum analysis to get the parameters of the near-field antenna. Different from far-field measurement, the near-field measurement collects data of the radiation field in the near-field of the antenna, and the far-field characteristics of the antenna is obtained by calculation through the near-field far-field transformation. As long as a certain measurement accuracy of amplitude and phase is guaranteed, the far field characteristics can be obtained more accurately.

SNF (Sunvey NearToFar Measurement) software uses data of the radiation field collected by Sunyield series near-field measurement system to calculate the far-field characteristic parameters by near-field far-field transformation.



  • Output 2Dand 3D diagrams of antenna near field.
  • Calculate 2Dand 3D diagrams of antenna near field
  • Export antenna characteristic parameters including gain, efficiency, cross polar ratio, beam-width, first down side-lobe, front to back ratio, roundness, first null fill, suppression of first upper side lobe, and maximum beam pointing etc.
  • Export test report containing test data and images.



  • Powerful computing capacity. It can quickly calculate the antenna far field data.
  • Export report with user-defined content and form. Export corresponding test parameters and abandon useless data according to test requirements, and the exported reports are available in word and excel.
  • Graphical display interface for engineers to quickly view full antenna characteristics.


SNF Software Interface



SNF Optional Function:

Phase Center Calculation Function

PCM(Phase Center Measurement)

Concept of antenna phase center: Phase center is the point from which the electromagnetic radiation of the antenna spreads spherically outward, with the phase of the signal being equal at any point on the sphere. The center of the sphere is the equivalent phase center of the antenna.

Software Interface:


Correlation Coefficient Calculation Function

ECC(Envelope Correlation Coefficient)

Signal correlation refers to the correlation between repeated signals received from different antennas, and envelope correlation refers to the correlation between different signal amplitudes received.