Anechoic chamber is mainly used for EMI and EMS.Chamber size and RF absorbing wave material selection is mainly composed of EUT size and shape of the test requirements are identified, 3m or 10m.



Frequency range:30MHz~18Hz 

Reflection loss of absorbing material:30MHz~18GHz≥15dB



Shielded room:The shielding shell, shielding door, window and ventilation waveguide power filter etc.

Absorbing material:Single ferrite film: working frequency range 1000MHz – 30MHz. With tapered carbon sponge absorbing materials: conical carbon sponge absorbing material is polyurethane foam in carbon glue solution infiltration. Has good flame retardant properties

other:Signal transmission board, turntable, antenna, monitoring system, etc.


Magnetic field 14KHz≥75dB 150KHz≥100dB
Electric field 200KHz~50MHz≥110dB
Plane wave 50MHz~1GHz≥110dB
Plane wave 1GHz~10GHz≥100dB 10GHz~18GHz≥90dB