With the rise of many mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone industry related supporting manufacturers gathered, mobile phone antenna manufacturers are also expanding along with the development of cellular. In the mobile phone, the antenna directly affects the communication ability of the mobile phone, determines the performance of the mobile phone, the good or bad of the antenna design determines the survival of the mobile phone in the market. Technology leading manufacturers through the development of new products, the introduction of a market competitive products, to obtain a higher profit margin level, to ensure the continued investment in research and development and equipment, to maintain the dominant position.

However, how to make products thoroughly to remould oneself in the shortest time, play the leading role in the field of mobile phone antenna multitude?

SUNVEY customized upgrade real-time active TRP&TIS software testing can do!


SUNVEY Real time active TRP&TIS testing, the shortest time to debug to reach: TRP 1 second / TIS 10 seconds. Compared to the previous TRP test to 2-3 minutes, TIS test 5 minutes, the new technology speed up the debugging time, and that the significance of this upgrade? As we all know, the antenna is a few of the need for each item individually developed parts of the antenna products, so the antenna development cycle will determine the entire product development cycle. The shorter the product development cycle, the faster the market share, so the time is the key to the antenna development cycle.

SUNVEY fully consider the customer experience, for the existing antenna development problems, the introduction of real-time active TRP&TIS test, which greatly facilitates the engineer. They can judge the performance of the antenna in the shortest time by the most short time, and shorten the time of the test waiting for the engineer to debug, and improve the working efficiency. In the shortest time to complete the test of the performance of the antenna to the fastest speed changes and improve the antenna performance, shorten the cycle of antenna development, so as to speed up the product development cycle.


The launch of SUNVEY real-time active TRP&TIS software testing, in addition to the specific fast test speed, the test ability of unique, can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the test.

(1) 2G, 3G, 4G power (TRP) and sensitivity (TIS) test

1D:You can switch any probe, rotate the holding pole, and test the power and sensitivity of any point in the radiation field.

2D:Angle of holding rod, The TRP and TIS in the radiation field are tested, and the direction is given.;

Flatness:Fixed a probe and the holding pole Angle ,Test full channel power and sensitivity.


(2)Interference test

LTE and Wifi Co disturbance test

Scene 1:LTE B7 B38 B40 TX disturbance WIFI RX

Scene 2:WIFI TX disturbance LTE B7 B38 B40 RX

DSDA Mutual interference test

SGLTE的LTE and GSM Mutual interference test


(3)Test results real time read
Select the test probe, real-time power immediately read out, so distinguished you experience: the test is so simple.

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