The design of the fast measurement system of the base station antenna to fill the blank of the antenna radiation performance testing of the mass production line.Greatly improve the efficiency of the current antenna radiation performance testing, and add the circuit parameters test project, the formation of a comprehensive set of fast antenna test solutions.


  • Three axis stereo scanning support;
  • Miniaturized ultra wide band dual polarization probe;
  • Multi port antenna automatic test (adaptive power dip);
  • Far field and near field pattern data output;
  • Standing wave isolation integration test;


 Technical parameter
Test band Test port number
400MHz~6GHz 2-12port
 Test parameter
Near field pattern test
(compatible with AISG control)
Near field patternComparison test
Determination of near field gold machine
 Far field pattern test
(compatible with AISG control)
Far field pattern (need to locate the oscillator)
Far field gold machine contrast test / decision
 Circuit parameter test
(compatible with AISG control)
Circuit parameter test
Compatible with AISG control
Software function
Data export and report generation
Provide the results of standard value premise
Provide API control and data interface
Probe design
 Small size broadband dual polarization passive probe
Strong anti-interference ability and high cross polarization performance.
Motion control function
XYZ three axis stereo scanning support
Information management platform
Test information integration management
and control


System architecture


Test efficiency

Near field test time 20s (single band)
Far field pattern test time
(contain near field direction map)
30s (single band)
Standing wave isolation test 20s (single dip)


Test interface


Product related

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