SPR-650 production line OTA rapid test system, can achieve the whole machine RF coupling test, one key fully automatic operation, with high efficiency, low cost, fast deployment, small
size characteristics. SPR-650 focus on radiation performance concern production line mass production products are standard, is a desktop system to replace the OTA chamber. At the same time the system provides Sunvey software rich options for customers to choose, can realize the radiated power and sensitivity testing system.

 System features
  •  Fast measurement: Short test time and high efficiency, with the pneumatic telescopicjig, the operator can complete the OTA monitoring within a short period of time.
  •  Powerful: Support for the 800MHz-6GHz band, full coverage of 2,3,4G and WLAN, Bluetooth.
  •  Compatibility: Compatible with R&S, CMW500 Anritsu, MT8820C Agilent8960 and other integrated tester.
  •  Convenient: Small floor area, convenient transportation (617mm*430mm*481mm). Into the production line environment can be used directly without the need to build an electromagnetic shielding room, easy to use.
  • Operate: As long as the phone into the open test software can be tested, do not need to strictly control the location.
  • Results: The test results of comprehensive, easy to read at a glance. Canautomatically save log, to provide the original data for the engineer to analyze the problem.The repeatability was good, and the repeatability of the power and sensitivity test was less than ±1db. No need to control the position of the object being measured.


Basic parameter

Test frequency range
Shielding effectiveness 大于100dB
Maximum size of measured object 350mm*25mm
Typical dynamic range 60dB-80dB
Appearance size 617mm*430mm*481mm(L*W*H)


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