Product Overview

SPR-Scanner is a planar near field scanning system developed by Sunyield Technologies. It has ultra-high precision electrical motion control system and mechanical drive system. Once adapted with probes of different frequency, ultra wideband test can be realized, and can even be expandable up to millimeter wave.

Scope of Application

SPR-Scanner applies to antenna test with strong directivity, such as dish antenna, radar and ground phased array radar, and supports frequency test up to 90GHz through application of different link schemes. Meanwhile, according to user requirements, multi-probe spherical near field can be integrated within the same anechoic chamber space to meet the needs of multiple types of test tasks.

Testing Capability

Frequency Range: From 10GHz~ up to 90GHz;

Testing Range: Directional antenna, antenna array monitoring, large-scale MIMO multi-beam test; multi-array amplitude and phase correction; beam target tracking;

Testing item: Active/passive directivity diagram; gain, and cross polarization etc.


System Configuration

  • High precision XYZ full servo motion scanning mechanism;
  • Three-axis linkage cap for test object, integrated longitudinal translation mechanism;
  • Full shielding non reflection of microwave anechoic chamber;
  • RF link test scheme customized according to test object requirements;
  • Automated data processing system (including data conversion between near field and far field);

System Parameters

Frequency Range 10GHz~90GHz
Measurement Accuracy Amplitude ≤ 0.2dB


Beam test error ≤1/10beam width
Beam pointing error ≤1/50beam width
Maximum measurement error of gain measurement ≤0.4dB(standard gain horn error excepted)
Maximum measurement error of side-lobe level ≤0.5db@-25db side-lobe

≤1.5db@-35db side-lobe

≤2.5db@-45db side-lobe

Scanning frame technology Movement mode:

Horizontal/vertical (scanning surface) movement (electrically controlled);

Fore-and-aft movement (manual/electrically controlled);

Travel range can be customized according to user needs;




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