Traditional antenna measurement methods,known as passive testing, mainly test the radiation properties of the antenna itself. But for mobile terminal equipments, such as mobile phone, antenna performance do not represent the whole equipment rf signal receiving and sending performance. So at present, on behalf of the mobile phone eventually radiation performance, the whole machine transmitting and receiving performance test is more and more attention. This measurement method is usually within the specific microwave dark room, test of mobile phone radiation power and receiver sensitivity, is called the active test.

              Industry often say that The OTA (Over The Air) tests are belong to The active test.

              Active testing is relatively slow than passive testing. But for performance measurement of Passive testing on mobile terminals, the emission performance of simulation and test are relatively reliable, but for its reception ability, only has the reference meaning, in some specific cases, there is a big gap. The mobile phone is a complex material, need to comprehensively review the overall capacity of the signal transmitting and receiving. So now generally active test was carried out on the cell phone, can be more intuitive and accurate reflection of the performance of the phone antenna. And the antenna terminal manufacturers in development are also typically require antenna supplier of passive and active test report.


               The commonly used active test parameters:

                      ♦Total Radiated Power (TRP) is a measure of how much power is radiated by an antenna when the antenna is connected to an actual radio (or transmitter). The total received power is calculated and summed up over all possible angles and the result is the Total Radiated Power. For mobile phone testing, it reflect the transmission power of the whole machine, with mobile phone in the conduction of transmit power and antenna radiation performance.

                      ♦ Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) is a measure of the average sensitivity of a receiver-antenna system, it reflects the mobile receiver sensitivity of the machine, with mobile phone transmission sensitivity and the antenna’s radiation performance.


                 SAM (Sunvey Measurement Active) , the Active test software,it is released by Sunyied r&d team through many years of hard work and accumulation, the core algorithm fully follow the CTIA specification design implementation.



                       Mobilephone TIS and TRP performance test, including 2G/3G/4G test, WIFI_B/WIFI_G/WIFI_N WIFI_A/WIFI_AC test, Bluetooth test. TIS test contains TIS with RSSI/TIS with RSSI(L)/TIS BER FAST/TIS test mode.

                        2D/3Ddirection map,support direction figure project a key import and export.

                       The active gain calibration.

                       Auxiliary calibration.Can perform ASU calibration, IO Port calibration, line loss measurement, active gain compensation calibration file.

                       With the real-time testing, real-time display of the test results, output MaxPoint automatically.

                       Support the head hand model test.

                        conduction test.



                       Support multiple test instruments online switch, with specific task set function, realize the combination of multi project, multi task of

“one key” unmanned test, bring unprecedented test feeling to engineer.

                       Support a variety of standard test mode. Based on the traditional 2G, 3G, 4G test, integrated the Bluetooth, WiFi, etc., to support

more comprehensive testing capabilities.

                       Testing a wide range: radio frequency (RF) using one-way dual channel, channel gain can be flexibly adjusted, maximize testing dynamic range.

                       Interaction interface is easy to operate: test information via a drop-down menu option to add, reduce manual input, manual input

via the auxiliary system automatically determine, improve accuracy and test efficiency. Test results page supports multiple export methods.

                        It rarely dropped: automatically adjust the link channel, minimizing the outage probability.

                       Rapid probe switch: nanosecond probe switch, all imported rf devices, provide a reliable basis of the hardware.

                       Flexible use of various measurement algorithm: TISusing a variety of measurement algorithm, the test speed and accuracy of flexible

fit different usage scenarios.

                       Strong compatibility: compatible CMW500, Agilent 8960, MT8820C, MT8860C, and can support most instrument version.


SAM interface:

                       Can integrate multiple testing tasks, in the case of unattended automatically complete test.



                        Testing process real-time view test probe and value.




Real-time testing polar diagram:





Rectangular coordinate graph real-time test:





 2D direction map:



 3D direction map:



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