Antenna radiation of electromagnetic wave in away from the antenna to a certain distance, the equiphase surface can approximate to a sphere, he sphere centre is the equivalent phase center of the antenna.

                With the development of communications, radar, satellite and aerospace technology, the antenna tracking, positioning accuracy request more and more high, the antenna phase center problems in its application and phase measurement, forming a beam close application, budgeting as an interferometer or feed parabolic antenna array element is very important, the phase center of the test for the development of antenna research and development is important.

                Sunvey phase_center Measurement System software,is Sunyield R&D team’s first launch of the antenna phase center testing software.



                   ♦Test antenna phase center.



                   ♦Has been in the Beidou antenna, ranging radar and other products used in R & D for the domestic initiative.

                   ♦Through the complete formula derived phase center expressions.

                   ♦Microwave dark room far field phase data into phase center coordinate is calculated.


Antenna phase center test software interface:




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