Large antenna measurement system, support active, passive antenna measurement, with 2 ° probe sampling density, measurement calculation more accurate and convenient, especially suitable for base station antenna and large antenna measurement (diameter less than 3.25 m).

  • Basic parameter:

                                   Probe number: 167+1

                                   Probearray angle: 2°

                                   Measurement Frequency range: 400MHz-6GHz

                                   Typical dynamic range :50dB-70dB

                                    Max size of DUT: 3.25m

                                    Max weight of DUT: 125Kg

                                    Optional chamber shielding efficiency: >100db

                                    Optional anechoic chamber size:12m*11m*11m

                                    Quiet zone diameter(400MHz-6GHz): 3. 25m

  • System advantage :

                                        Faster measurement:It allows real-time viewing of  passive directivity diagram as well as sensitivity. In addition, the symmetrical distribution of

                                        probes is applied. Thus, the object can be 3D measured completely as long as a 180-degree rotation is performed horizontally under normal


                                        Powerful function:It supports the passive measurement within the frequency range between 400MHz and 6GHz. It can support the

                                         measurement of large antenna, especially suitable for BTS antenna measurement.



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