As a large antenna measurement system, SY-180 supports both active and passive antenna measurement with 1.875° probe sampling density,which makes measurement more accurate, especially suitable for base station antenna and large antenna measurements with the DUT diameter less than 4.0m.

  • Basic Parameter:

                      Probe number:179+1个

                      Test frequency range:400MHz-6GHz

                      Maximum size of DUT:3.4m

                      Maximum weight of DUT:120kg

                      Typical dynamic range:50-70dB

                      Reflection level of quiet zone::0.4GHz-0.6GHz<-35dB



                      Chamber shielding efficiency:≤-110dB (optional)

                      Optional anechoic chamber size: 12m*11m*11m

                      Probe array diameter (inner diameter):7.2m (customizable)

                      Multi-axis turntable: (1) Azimuth axis, (2) Elevation axis,
(3) Table Axis, (4) Periscopic axis (optional)

                      Probe array angle: 1.875°

    • DUTradiation diameter size(m):


  • System Characteristics:

                       Faster Measurement:  It allows real-time viewing of passive directivity pattern. As a symmetrical distribution of the probes is applied, the DUT can be 3D measured completely as long as a 180-degree rotation is performed horizontally under normal circumstances. Measurement functions are automatically performed by the supporting software, and measurement reports can be generated automatically.

                      Powerful function:It supports passive measurement with the frequency range between 400MHz and 6GHz, and supports both active and passive measurement of large antenna, especially suitable for BTS antenna measurement.

  • Measurable Parameter                                           

Axi a l ratio Fro nt to back ratio Ante nna directivity Lower
Side-lobe level Antenna efficiency Round ness test Phase center test
Leve l drop Antenna gain Antenna beam width Directivity pattern consistency
Zero fill Beam deviation Antenna cross
2D and 3 D directivity
EIRP、TRP、EIRS、TIS measurement

  • Measurement Speed         

Passive measurement time
Check directivity pattern Real time
3D directiv ity pattern test time <3min


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