Standard antenna measurement system,support the frequency 400 MHZ – 8 GHZ, 6 GHZ – 18 GHZ two versions, can measure Small and medium-sized DUT ( diameter 1.2 m). Widely used in mobile phone terminal antenna research and development, scientific research institutions terminal antenna measurement,Is the mainstream of the antenna measurement system.


  • Basic parameter:

                                     Probe number: 23+1

                                     Frequency bands: 400MHz-8GHz、6GHz-18GHz(passive test)

                                     Typical dynamic range: 50dB-80dB

                                     Max size of DUT: 0.8m(SY-24)

                                     Max weight of DUT:  30Kg

                                     Probe array diameter (inner diameter): SY-24: 2.8m   SY-24L: 3.5m

                                     Optional anechoic chamber size: SY-24: 4.2*4.2*4.2m  SY-24L: 5.0*5.0*5.0m

                                     Optional chamber shielding efficiency :≤-110dB

                                     Angle between probes ofthe same frequency band: 15°



  • System advantage :

                                         Faster Measurement:the symmetrical distribution of probes is applied. Thus, the object can be 3D measured completely

                                         as long as a 180-degree rotation is performed horizontally under normal circumstances.

                                         Real-time display:It allows real-time viewing of active and passive directivity diagram as well as active power and


                                         Powerful Function:It supports the active measurement in most of the models such as 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI , GPS and BT within

                                         the frequency range between 400MHz and 6GHz.Supports the passive measurement with the same frequency

                                         band. Currently, it is a prevalent antenna measurement system. Through the upgrade, can achieve 6GHz-18GHz

                                         high-frequency version of the passive test. The MIMO measurement is also available by upgrading software.

                                         Strong Compatibility:It is compatible with common network analyzers and general-purpose testers from renowned

                                         companies such as Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz ,Anritsu and Litepoint .

                                         Smooth Upgrade:After upgrade of software and hardware, the system can be conducted LTE – CA measurement.


  • Measurement Function: 
  • Measurable parameter:

            Measurable system active measurement
WiFi Throughput LTE WiFi Desense

Active Measurement TRP、TIS、EIRP、EIS、Radiation pattern

Passive Measurement


Gain,  antenna efficiency ,

2D/3D Directivity、Beam width

Cross Polarization ratio、Axial Ratio

Correlation coefficient、Phase Center

3e21      pguo


  • Measurement Speed:

OTA Active Measurement Time: Passive measurement time:
Power real-time measurement: 1s

Sensitivity real-time measurement:10s

TRP measurement (1Ch):20s-40s

TIS measurement (1Ch):1-8min

Check directivity diagram:Real time

10 frequency point measurement (X1 condition): Less than 2 min

Check directivity diagram:Real time




    • Measurement repeatability:

    Measurement item   SY-24   SY-24L
    TRP <±0.3dB <±0.3dB
    TIS <±0.5dB <±0.5dB








    6GHz-18GHz ±0.3dB ±0.3dB








    6GHz-18GHz ±0.3dB ±0.3dB

    • Measurement Accuracy:

    TRP ±0.5dB
    TIS ±1.0dB

                   The measured near-field data can be transformed into accurate and reliable far-field data through complex and strict mathematical method. The feature is advanced to this and most of other equivalent product in the market cannot match it.


                                                 5034490989 (1)        8842143866

                                                   SY-24(400MHz-6GHz) Effect picture             SY-24(6GHz-18GHz) Effect picture



    • System Compatibility:

    Agilent 8960、Agilent ENA/PNA Series、Anritsu MT8820C、R&S CMU200、R&S CMW500、StarPoint Sp6010、Litepiont IQxel



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