On the basis of SY – 16/24 , by cross hybrid sensor array can realize 6 GHz – 18 GHz frequency passive measurement. Its principle is  between the probes less than 6GHz frequencies ,  add uniform distribution of array 6 GHz – 18 GHz frequency probe.


Basic parameter     SY-16 SY-16M    SY-24 SY-24L
Probe number                 15+1                 23+1
Measurement Frequency range 650MHz-6GHz、6GHz18GHz 400MHz-6GHz、6GHz-18GHz
Typical dynamic range              60dB-80dB            50dB-80dB
Max size of DUT                  45cm                120cm
Max weight of DUT                  15Kg                 30Kg


Measurable item      SY-16   SY-16M     SY-24   SY-24L
TRP <±0.3dB <±0.3dB <±0.3dB <±0.3dB
TIS <±0.5dB <±0.5dB <±0.5dB <±0.5dB



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