WiFi Life,be a trend which cannot be halted

With the major cities in the country, the construction of wireless city, smart city, etc.. WiFi industry in China has been rapid development, but its development is showing a certain rule and trend, as follows: domestic WiFi products, domestic WiFi products can be divided into individual WiFi, family WiFi, business WiFi, public WiFi four categories.

Domestic WiFi product variety, the use of large populations, wide coverage, high frequency of use, WiFi has been the trend. For WiFi products supplier, can more accurately judge the quality of the WiFi performance, provide high quality WiFi use experience, will become the key to seize the desire of customers!

So how to more accurate evaluation of the performance of the WiFi is good or bad?

At present, there is no provision for a conventional WiFi throughput test site, so that engineers in the measurement of WiFi throughput of the environment (office area, a large number of AP) is relatively complex and serious interference. Most of the WiFi throughput testing and measuring time is long, the repeatability is low, the test result is not stable, and the test efficiency is low. So that the WiFi product suppliers can not get the top products, missed the opportunity to seize the market!

SUNVEY WiFi throughput test function upgrade, the difficult problem of crush one by one

SUNVEY WiFi throughput test function upgrade,Five big advantages and then harsh test So easy!

  • Not subject to external environment interferenceSUNVEY WiFi throughput testing has shielded the interference from the outside environment, and the test results are more stable and reliable. In the single probe test case can choose the test time, greatly shorten the test time. Greatly improve the test efficiency.
  • Using probe cycle testing technologySUNVEY WiFi throughput testing using the probe cycle testing technology, in the premise of no impact on the efficiency of the great wealth of the sample, improve the stability of the test. Stable and darkroom environment makes the repeatability of the test can be fully guaranteed.
  • Customizable switching probe and polarizationWiFi throughput testing method is more flexible, can be customized to switch between the probe and the polarization, the free choice of the test point of view, to make the test more targeted, greatly improving the efficiency of testing.
  • 3D full direction throughput testUpgrade the WiFi throughput test to provide customers with the full direction (3D) test results, the effect of three-dimensional spherical test, easy to control the overall situation. This is the old turntable chamber can not achieve the effect.
  • Simulation of different angle throughput testingBy adjusting the power control of the mobile phone or other products of the WiFi intensity to quickly measure the downlink, downlink speed, we can know the product signal strength and stability. Just one step is to know the product WiFi performance, so as to create a top product, to develop the necessary choice for you!