Sunyield Accomplished NB-IOT Power and Sensitivity Test

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On July 25, 2017, Sunyield Technologies accomplished NB-IoT terminal system test and completed the TRP and TIS test of NB-IoT in the OTA chamber. The 360 degree omnidirectional radiation and receiving performance parameters obtained from the test provide important reference data for the launching of NB-IoT products to market.

About NB-IoT
Usually, it takes about 4 to 5 years for a communication technology to develop from birth to maturity. However, emerged from the second half of 2015, NB-IoT has been generally recognized by the industry within two years, and a large number of manufacturers of chips, modules and terminals covering the whole industry chain are emerging domestically. Driven by the tide of Internet of Things, the development of NB-IoT is unstoppable.

Advantage and value of NB-IoT solutions
1,Wide and in-depth coverage: enhanced 20dB+ over GPRS coverage.
2,Low power consumption: Based on AA batteries, the service life can be more than 10 years.
3,Low cost
4,Large connection: 50k + user capacity / 200k Hz cell

As an important technology of LPWAN, NB-IoT has obvious technical and application advantages. Currently, operators around the globe are aware of the great potential of the Internet of Things market, and are actively conducting business presentation and test.
As for testing solution, different vertical industries have different requirements for wireless access environment and physical work environment, and business logic and business characteristic show obvious divergence. The significance of single communication test verification solution for vertical industry as a reference has declined.

OTA test for  NB-IoT
The OTA test solution for NB-IoT released by Sunyield Technologies is based on SY series multi-probe spherical antenna measurement system, and
The testing adopts multiple probes to alternately transmit signals to the NB-IoT / eMTC terminals, demodulate the transmitting signal indicators to obtain sample data, and work with the Sunvey series test software to calculate by calculus at a 360 degree spherical or partial cross section to derive the performance index of the receiver. It not only can compute with all the data to obtain the 360-degree omni-directional radiation performance, but also can perform local directional operation to obtain local radiation performance.
The parameters of the OTA test include TRP (Total Radiated Power) and the TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity), and the measurement results are shown in the figure below.


3D pattern of NB-IoT terminal

TRP and TIS test results of NB-IoT terminal

NB-IoT is a comprehensive product of technology evolution and market competition. As the industry is unanimously optimistic for its future market potential, the current industrial chain is also actively carrying out test and commercial trial. In the near future, NB-IoT will probably be widely applied in different vertical industries and a new area will be opened for interconnection of things. Therefore, there is ever growing requirements for test of NB related products. Based on years of accumulation in the wireless testing field, Sunyield has quickly launched corresponding solution to support NB-IoT interfaces of mainstream instrument manufacturers at home and abroad and support frequency bands of China Mobile and China Telecom and emtc.