Sunyield Technologies Released Entire Car Antenna Test Solution to Boost Industry Development

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With the improvement of people’s living standard, car has become an affordable household commodity in China and the automobile industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years. Meanwhile, car-borne communication technology and vehicle networking technology are also experiencing continuous development. Automobile manufacturing industry has generated more and more requirements for car antenna test, especially for entire car test. However, to a certain extent, insufficient test environment for entire car antenna test and unsatisfactory test efficiency in China right now are the main restraints on the development of automobile manufacturing industry.


Entire car antenna test solution


As the leader of antenna test industry in China, Sunyield Technologies has released the entire car antenna test solution according to market demands of automobile industry.


Car-borne antenna test platform (one program) released by Sunyield Technologies


As a total package, automobile requires various frequency ranges for communication, including:

(1) 0.15MHz~2.5GHz frequency range

(2) 2.5GHz-30GHz frequency range

(3) 30GHz-70GHz frequency range


Various car-borne communication system and antenna:

(1) FM analog audio system

(2) Satellite navigation antenna

(3) Mobile communication antenna

(4) Car audio and video communication antenna

(5) Active radar antenna

Sunyield Technologies has developed corresponding test solutions for different communication system and antenna to meet various test requirements ranging from 70MHz to 70GHz.




According to installation condition, car antenna tests can be categorized into:

(1) Independent antenna test

(2) Entire car test

Sunyield Technologies has developed corresponding test systems for both independent antenna test and entire car test


According to test environment, car antenna tests can be categorized into:

(1) Darkroom test

(2) Outdoor test

Sunyield Technologies has both darkroom test system and outdoor test system.


For outdoor test of car antenna, Sunyield Technologies has released multiple combination of multi-probe and single-probe wireless test system:

(1) Spherical multi-probe test system

(2) Spherical multi-probe and single-probe swing-arm hybrid test system

(3)Single-probe swing-arm test system


Car antenna test solution released by Sunyield Technologies features the following advantages:

1.All frequency range coverage. Corresponding test solution for frequency from 0.15MHz to 70GHz;

2.Entire car antenna test platform released by Sunyield Technologies supports such application environments as all open outdoor, all-wave darkroom and half-wave darkroom etc.

3.The test system is prominent for fast deployment speed, high test efficiency, and accurate and reliable test result

4.Compatible wheelbase as long as 5m for entire car test, and can bear weight up to 10t or above;

5.The load-bearing platform adopts large-scale roller slewing bearings with anti-overturning force up to 100t or above.

6.The software system with powerful functions support real-time viewing of directional diagram cross-sections, exporting of test data, and integrated control of electrical system and RF.

7.The near field test adopts multi-probe mode, and the test probes can fulfill data acquisition function with both vertical polarization and horizontal polarization and can be compatible with vertical polarization, horizontal polarization, ±45° polarization, spherical polarization through polarization vector conversion.

8.Near field test supports data conversion between near field and far field, and has instant access to such radiation parameter index as far field directional diagrams and gains of the test object.


Market applications of automobile car-borne antenna test system


As the leader of China’s antenna test industry, Sunyield Technologies releases automobile car-borne antenna entire car radiation performance test solutions and automobile radar antenna reliability test solutions, which provide accurate and highly efficient test methods and platforms for the design, research and development of automobile car-borne antenna, automobile radar antenna, and simulated vehicle road test. In addition, the solutions can test the entire car radiation performance in an accurate and comprehensive manner, collect test result and data of each test item, and analyze and export data analysis results through software, which can provide accurate data bases for improvement of automobile car-borne antenna, and greatly improve vehicle factory test efficiency.


In October 2016, Sunyield Technologies released automobile car-borne antenna entire car radiation performance test solution, automobile radar antenna reliability test solution. Once released, the test solution was highly praised within the industry, and many antenna manufacturers and automobile manufacturing enterprise have negotiated in-depth cooperation strategies with Sunyield Technologies. A well-known listed company in domestic antenna industry has already started the Sunyield car-borne antenna entire car radiation performance test solution.