Sunyield Technologies Released Testing Solutions for Internet of Things Application

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In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies released OTA testing solutions for Internet of Things application in NB-IoT, Zigbee, and LTE Cat. The series of solutions can be integrated into SUNYIELD’s existing systems, such as SY series spherical near-field measurement system and SPR-650 OTA rapid measurement system for mass production line.

At present, as new technologies such as “Internet of things”, “car networking”, “5G” are constantly coming into our life, the quality of high-tech products to be launched into the market must be ensured by relevant testing and measurement systems, which brings new challenges to the testing industry. As products for Internet of Things application in NB-IoT, ZigBee, LTE Category feature low cost, low power consumption, and great network capacity, manufacturers in testing and measurement industry have released a variety of testing solutions for Internet of Things application to better solve the challenges and problems of encountered by R&D professionals on IoT measurement during design phase.

Sunyield Technologies also releases OTA testing solutions for IoT, which can be integrated to existing SY series spherical measurement system, generating comprehensive data in a faster manner.

Advantages of IoT Antenna Measurement in the Near-field Antenna Measurement Platform

Sunyield Technologies has accumulated rich experience in the field of multi-probe near-field measurement system, which will bring better service experience for customers. Implementing the Internet of things test solutions on the multi-probe near-field test platform has obvious advantages:

  • Fast test speed: Compared with traditional single-probe antenna measurement system solution, multi-probe measurement solution are faster in speed.
  • Comprehensive test data:Spherical near-field measurement system can test total radiated power and total isotropic sensitivity of the entire device, and the 3D spherical data generated is more comprehensive.
  • Strong system compatibility:Spherical measurement system can be used for a variety of standard testing, which means one system for a variety of applications. Users who have purchased a spherical measurement system can be upgraded smoothly.

SY-16M, the Antenna Measurement System Most Suitable for IoT Products

The products of Internet of things are generally small in size, and in general, small antenna measurement systems can meet their measurement needs.SY-16M has the advantages of a spherical near-field antenna measurement system and is suitable for antenna measurement of most Internet of Things products. As the SY-16M small mobile antenna measurement system has its own shielding chamber, features flexible, cost effective, and space-saving (1.95*1.20*1.98m). The overall weight of the system is quite limited, and with the universal wheels installed at the bottom, it can be easily moved, saving cost for relocation.


Support Several IoT Standards

The OTA antenna measurement system solution released by Sunyield Technologies supports a variety of IoT standards, such as NB-IoT, Zigbee, LTE Category 1, and LTE Category m1 etc. It can measure comprehensive parameters and support backward upgrade.

Main OTA testing items for IoT products are Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS).

ZigBee Testing Solution without the Aid of Third Party Instrument

ZigBee features low data transfer rate, simple protocol, and small effective coverage range (10~75 meters). Due to the small coverage, ZigBee’s networking solution will make extensive use of ZigBee related equipment, and low cost will be the development trend of ZigBee equipment.

However, in the existing test solutions, the cost ratio of measurement instruments is very high. The ZigBee measurement solution introduced by Sunyield Technologies can test such parameters as Input Power and Throughput etc. without the aid of third party instruments, which will greatly reduce the cost of testing.


Testing and measurement is essential for quality assurance of the IoT product R&D, manufacturing and maintenance process. As simulation and testing are normal steps for the R&D and production of any electronic product, the release of testing solution for IoT products will be the basis for IoT implementation.