Radio Signal Tester for 5G

SX-7500 is a radio frequency signal test platform launched by Sunyield to meet the demands of new technologies for 5G era. The product supports 5G New Radio (NR) access technology,realizes mmWave frequency testing,and supports large-bandwidth non-cellular technologies such as UWB/Wi-Fi 6E. At the same time,SX-7500 is backward compatible with 2/3/4G and traditional Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, GPS and other wireless characteristics testing,providing full-standard wireless devices.

SX-7500 Technical Features:

  • Excellent RF Performance:Support 400M-8GHz and 24G-44GHz frequency bands(with M8128 optional module);Maximum transmitting bandwidth 500MHz, receiving bandwidth 400MHz Fully support 5G NR/mmWave/Wi-Fi6 E /Wi-Fi 7 /UWB testing frequency bands;.
  • Abundant Peripheral Interfaces:Equipped with various interfaces that are easy to build integrated test environments includingwireless RF port; USB, display port DP, Ethernet, high-speed optical port QSFP,mmWavecontrol port Type-C, trigger (IN/OUT), reference signal (IN/OUT);
  • Flexiblesoftware Options:Selectable test software for different standards (5G NR/other cellular technologies/loT/Wi-Fi 6E /Wi-Fi 7 /UWB/other Wi-Fi standards,Bluetooth, GPS);Interface drivers (mmWave module/RF front-end data) Application tools ( Toolkit for UE test/ RF test)