With the widespread use of mobile equipment, the use of positioning software is becoming more and more widely. The world there are four satellite positioning system, the GPS, GALILEO, the Russian GLONASS and China “beidou”, at present market of testing  software often only testing the performance of GPS, and the domestic mobile phone or other type of receiver have been equipped with GLONASS and beidou positioning module, it is an urgent need to new test software to support. 

                  To provide a can truly and accurately reflect the GPS, GLONASS and Beidou receiver performance in practical application solutions, Sunyield invested a lot of manpower and material resources in research and development (R & D), after a large number of experiments and repeatedly verified, based on the industry commonly used star positioning test methods, launched a repeat and accurate Measurement of SGM (Sunvey Gnss Measurement) test solutions. The scheme not only has excellent stability but also to fill the blank of GPS measurement technology, and from the perspective of customers increase four test mode, provides Multi Satellites (multi stars sensitivity test), Multi Satellites Estimate (multi star forecast test), Single Satellites Estimate (Single star forecast test), C/N0 Measurement (Single star C/N0) and MSC/N0 Measurement (multi stars C/N0 test) five kinds of test selections.



The principle diagram of the Gnss test 



                   ♦ Testing mobile phone and other satellite positioning signal receiver sensitivity of GPS, GLONASS and beidou reception.

                   ♦Display the distribution of signal strength and 3Ddirection map.

                   ♦Multistar sensitivity test, multi star forecast test, single star forecast test, single star C/N0 testing, multiple star C/N0 testing .Support a variety of test mode.



                   ♦Support for the GPS, GLONASS and Beidou test.

                   ♦For other test manufacturers do not have the output of C/N0, support single star C/N0 test, multi star C/N0 test satellite.

                   ♦Supports a variety of measurement methods, flexible application, satisfy various customers’ needs.


SGM interface:

SGM test signal strength distribution diagram




SGM test D direction map




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