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WiFi Throughput test

WiFi Life,be a trend which cannot be halted With the major cities in the country, the construction of wireless city, smart city, etc.. WiFi industry in China has been rapid development, but its development is showing a certain rule and trend, as follows: domestic WiFi products, domestic WiFi products can


With the rise of many mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone industry related supporting manufacturers gathered, mobile phone antenna manufacturers are also expanding along with the development of cellular. In the mobile phone, the antenna directly affects the communication ability of the mobile phone, determines the performance of the mobile phone,

Mutual interference Test

At present, SATIMO OTA (Star, SG-24, lab room SG64, SG128) system can only support the common 4G LTE test。But with the continuous popularity of GSM, support 4G, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE multi-mode mobile phone will become the mainstream of the market. So two modules work interfere with each other in tis

The purpose of OTA testing

The performance of the whole machine is getting more and more attention in the performance test of the mobile phone. This radiation performance reflects the final launch and receive performance of the mobile phone. There are two methods to investigate the radiation performance of the mobile phone: One is to

SAR Standards and Requirement

  Introduction SAR(Specific Absorption Rate),electromagnetic wave energy absorption ratio of cell phone or wireless product. The meaning of SAR is that the body mass of the human body is absorbed or consumed by the electromagnetic power, the unit is W/kg. Wireless communication terminal of the electromagnetic radiation is too meeting

Mobile passive testing and OTA testing

At present, mobile phone RF performance testing are increasingly concerned about the radiation performance of the test machine. This performance reflects the radiation emitted and received the final performance of the phone. There are two ways to inspect the radiation properties of mobile phones:One is from the radiation performance of

Division near field and far-field

The measurement method of electromagnetic radiation is usually related to the distance between the measuring point and the radiation source. In the case of far field and near field, the nature of the electromagnetic field is different. Therefore, it is clear that the far field and near field measurement. 1、Far

National High And New Technology Enterprise Qualification

In June 2015,Sunyield get National High And New Technology Enterprise Qualification