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Sunyield Technologies become a member of China Antenna System Industry Alliance

In January 2017, Sunyield Technologies officially become a member of China Antenna System Industry Alliance after the Council of China Antenna System Industry Alliance discussed and passed the application.  China Antenna System Industry Alliance, a specialized committee of communication antenna under antenna branch of China Institute of Electronics, is a

INNETECH Electronics newly established Shanghai R&D Center adopts antenna measurement systems developed by Sunyield Technologies

In December 2016, INNETECH Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai R&D Center officially opened, which means that INNETECH Electronics holds stronger R&D capability in Shanghai to better serve clients in and around Shanghai. INNETECH Electronics Co., Ltd. is a specialized antenna solution provider, and its major products cover built-in antenna, external antenna,

Sunyield Technologies Released Entire Car Antenna Test Solution to Boost Industry Development

  With the improvement of people’s living standard, car has become an affordable household commodity in China and the automobile industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years. Meanwhile, car-borne communication technology and vehicle networking technology are also experiencing continuous development. Automobile manufacturing industry has generated more and more requirements

Sunyield Technologies Breaking Monopoly of Foreign Companies Attracted Widespread Media Attention

As the earliest company in China to carry out research into near field multi-probe measurement technology, Sunyield Technologies has devoted to technical innovation in antenna measurement field and achieved substantial results over the years. Sunyield Technologies has acquired dozens of patents and software copyrights, and developed a series of antenna

Celebrate winter BBS of IAET successfully held in shenzhe

On November 11, 2016, the Institute of can Antenna Engineers be used of Taiwan, successfully held in shenzhen by the theme for the “B4G / 5 g Advanced RF Front – End and can Antenna System Solutions be used” winter BBS.Institute of can Antenna Engineers be used of Taiwan was

Sunylied Attend trade shows for IME2016

In October 2016, International Conference & Exhibition on Microwave and Antenna , (IME2016) held in Shanghai everbright exhibition center,Sunyield has been participating in IME exhibition for two consecutive years,Display of SY small antenna measurement system attracted a large audience stop to ask,During this exhibition, Sunyield also conducted: 4 G terminal OTA testing

Sunyield to participate in the United States CTIA show SY small antenna test system shining the venue

Abstract: in September 9, 2016 the United States of Las Vegas wireless communication products exhibition (CTIA WIRELESS 2016) in Las Vegas Jinsha Exhibition Center (Sands Expo & Convention Center) opening, SY small antenna test system Sunyield technology in the exhibition site exhibited its unique small appearance, strong stable performance attracted

Sunyield acquisition Shenzhen science and technology innovation committee A special fund to support The second time

In September 2016 Sunyield special funds support, by the shenzhen municipal science and technology innovation commission Sunyield team attaches great importance to technical innovation and research and development, through the industry leading technology research and development of the project, continuously improve the level of technical team.

Sunyield officially became a member of the CTIA

In August 2016 ,Sunyield officially became a member of the American Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, marking our antenna measurement technology is gradually moving towards the world, better able to provide customers with measurement systems and solutions, providing the CTIA certification related services.  

Sunyield combined Topping Carrier Aggregation of OTA officially commercial test

In August 2016,Sunyield combinedt Topping implement dual channel Carrier Aggregation of OTA test.Sunyield technology focusing on technical innovation and market development in the field of antenna measurement, with industry-leading MIMO, CA testing technology. Shenzhen Topping  communication equipment co., LTD.  is a leading domestic enterprises, the mobile communication terminal antenna is the state