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SUNYIELD Participating CSSA with New Ideas of Millimeter Wave for Standardization of Wireless Measurement in the 5G Era

In June 2017, Sunyield Technologies participated in the group session of CCSA TC5WG11 meeting, proposed three issues regarding the development trend of wireless communication in the 5G era, and delivered lectures on “Introduction to planar near-field and millimeter wave application by Sunyield Technologies “, “Application of Miniaturized Compact Range in

Sunyield Technologies Entering into the Military Section with a Big Contract Awarded by Huaxun Fangzhou

In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies has signed a contract with Huaxun Fangzhou (Nanjing) for construction of SY-136(X), a high frequency spherical near-field antenna measurement system with 133+2 probes. A mixing layout of high and low frequency is adopted for probes to support 300MH-18GHZ ultra-wideband test. As a defense industry enterprise,

Congratulations to SUNYIELD’s Customers on Winning Orders from China Mobile

More than 50% of the Order-winning Enterprises are Customers and Collaborators of SUNYIELD On June 20, 2017, China Mobile Sourcing & Bidding Website ( had publicly announced that a number of outstanding enterprises have won bids in Centralized Procurement Projects of Base Station Antenna for China Mobile 2017-2018. As the world’s

Sunyield Technologies Released Testing Solutions for Internet of Things Application

In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies released OTA testing solutions for Internet of Things application in NB-IoT, Zigbee, and LTE Cat. The series of solutions can be integrated into SUNYIELD’s existing systems, such as SY series spherical near-field measurement system and SPR-650 OTA rapid measurement system for mass production line.

ANTOP-China’s Largest TV Antenna Manufacturer Chosen Sunyield SY-32

In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies has signed a contract with Shenzhen ANTOP Technology Co., Ltd. about the newly-launched SY-32 antenna measurement system for radio and TV industry.

Sunyield Technologies Launched the World’s First ZigBee Overall Test Plan

In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies has launched the world’s first ZigBee overall test plan, which can be applied to SPR-650 production line OTA rapid test system, SY series spherical near field measurement systems, and radio test to test such parameters as packet loss rate, input power, throughput, total radiated power

SY-16M Antenna Measurement System toward Perfection

SY-16MAntenna Measurement System SY-16M small-size mobile antenna measurement system with shielding chamber features flexible, cost effective, and space-saving. It supports frequency bands between 650 MHz – 6 GHz and 6 GHz – 18 GHz with two versions suitable for small-size (diameter within 45cm) antenna measurement, and is widely used by

Sunyield Technologies Invite You to Attend the CSNC 2017

The Eighth China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2017) will be held in INTEX Shanghai from May 23 to 25, 2017 to demonstrate the latest achievements in the field of satellite navigation. As an expert in the field of antenna measurement, Sunyield Technologies will display the latest navigation test system and

Pulse Signed Contract with Sunyield Technologies

In March 2017, Pulse (Suzhou) has signed contract with Sunyield Technologies for construction of an antenna measurement system. Pulse’s choice is a showcase of customer trust in Sunyield’s product, and Sunyield will set up a standard OTA measurement system for Pulse with most sincere service. About Pulse Electronics Pulse Electronics

The World’s Largest Spherical Near-field Antenna Measurement System —— SY-180

Spherical Near Field Test The rapid development of antenna and related technology has made higher demands on antenna measurement technology in terms of precision, efficiency and test function. Antenna characteristic parameters are measured in a variety of ways. At present, they fall into three major categories: far field measurement, compact